Flagship Events

Fashion Show

Prize worth: ₹ 50,000

Maninder Misson +91 9799762525
Sonali Goswami +91 9706367329

Registration fee Online: ₹ 200
Registration fee On spot: ₹ 300
Fashion show is not just about the clothes you wear but is about your personality, confidence, intelligence and about the way you walk and talk. Presenting another heart-rending fashion show at JU RHYTHM 2K18. You all are invited either to illuminate the runway or to understand designer's voice through the outfits. Anticipating your presence.

Band War

Prize worth: ₹ 25,000

Ayush Jogani +91 9829219511
Palak Sachdeva +91 8267801902

Registration fee Online: ₹ 1,200
Registration fee On spot: ₹ 1,200
Each participating College can depute any no. of participants Band war is all about the teamwork, coordination, symphony and the zeal with which you play. One mistake can get you out of the competition but at the same time can teach you a very important lesson of your life i.e. balance and coordination. So bind your force and come to show the best you have only in JU Rhythm 2018.

DJ War

Prize worth: ₹ 25,000

Rishabh Jain +91 7792092027
Kushaal Sain +91 9799916777

Registration fee Online: ₹ 600
Registration fee On spot: ₹ 700
As the world is going apart from wars only music is keeping them unite and DJ war is a new trend which allows everyone to have a musical fights through electronic music as their bullets and guns. So all the players our college is organizing a stage to fight at JU RHYTHM 2K18 to show your skills and dancing on your beats.

Group Dance

Prize worth: ₹ 30,000

Saloni Mathur +91 9587596679
Hardik +91 8104717678

Registration fee Online: ₹ 900
Registration fee On spot: ₹ 1,000
Dancing is like dreaming with your feet .Not every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance! Time to show the real team spirit, find your inner RHYTHM and captivate the audience with your dance moves!! So join the battlefield!! Hurry Up and Register Now!!!!

Treasure Hunt

Prize worth: ₹ 25,000

Ritika Gupta +91 9910977497
Hitesh Khandal +91 8107441828

Registration fee Online: ₹ 400
Registration fee On spot: ₹ 500
A treasure hunt is one of many different types of games which can have one or more players who try to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues. Beware task in each stage are exhilaratingly awesome, intriguing & copacetic. Bring out your inner detective skills in JU RHYTHM 2KI8. Happy hunting....for treasures


Prize worth: ₹ 50,000

Subham Bhatiya +91 9166427959
Parilakshya Bakhliwal +91 9784639699

Registration fee : ₹ 600
Motor sports without any broken bones!Expert maybe ankles. fast and furious radio controled car racing event having nitos car engine which gives a high speed to car to ride on the most difficult track with incrossable hurdles on the track. Which tests the skills of rc controller. _*"Who is the fastest at the curves !!!"*_

Drone TechX

Prize worth: ₹ 50,000

Surbhi Arora +91 9460443406
Yash Tak +91 8764020083

Registration fee : ₹ 600
Get ready to feel some adrenaline rush through your veins by an astonishing and compelling racing event . Experience hair erecting stunts, terrifying crashes, dark subways, zigzag gimmick and a cool fly-by as dwarf blockade ambush in between .... DroneTechX depicts a drone flying and racing event , so wrap up your drones and be ready to showcase your skills.

Robo War Pro

Prize worth: ₹ 50,000

Aman Jain +91 8878258371
Jagrat Goswami +91 9799784067

Registration fee : ₹ 600
Winning Team will get Direct Final Round Entry in the Cognizance (Tech Fest of IIT Roorkie) It's Bigger.. Better.. And It's Back.. ROBOWAR PRO is not just a contest, it's a war , it's a game of strength, control, damage and aggression which is a deadly combat of savage but robust- where sharpness and destruction are the orders of the day.. Participate and prove your strength in this hell with your motto to destroy,survive and win this flagship event ROBOWAR PRO(Max 60 KG).. Let the War Begins

Robo War Rookie

Prize worth: ₹ 40,000

Saurabh Khandelwal +91 9460504545
Anshuman Verma +91 8764180511

Registration fee : ₹ 600
Are you mad about robots? Do you want to see them fight? In this mechanised modern world, take your madness to the next level by participating in a machine vs machine fight ! The way you enter ,the way you proceed, the way you revel your capability, power, potential to other being here at the enthralling event of "ROBOWAR - ROOKIE" (weight of bot <35) . Bring your robot assassin to our Robo wars competition. Make your robot cold hearted in the arena by using destructive tools and fight against your rivals. The final survivor will be awarded exciting prizes (besides the satisfaction of being the best). The arena awaits...

Pro Expo

Prize worth: ₹ 50,000

Yash Badaya +91 9829401352
Aditya Trivedi +91 9521945592

Registration fee : ₹ 500
There's no way to really mock up or simulate what we are doing until we are there. An exhibition for us is not a statement but an experiment.So for our little scientists JECRC UNIVERSITY is giving a platform to showcase there creative ideas. By organising an event "PRO-EXPO".Use your innovation and designing skills and explore a new and most stable creation. So it's time to fold your sleeves our little scientists


Prize worth: ₹ 60,000

Rishabh Karnawat +91 9530384461
Yash Aryan Kuntal +91 7073312103

Welcome to the thrill of a live auction! Put yourself in the shoes of a bidder to build the dream team that you always wanted in these racy hours of nerves, strategy, game theory and gut.
If you love cricket, if you have followed IPL and if you can mix common sense with passion into your bidding strategy, this event is for you. So Get Set BID!